A rugged Clay Brick inspired by the character of natural rock…

With the pronounced profile and texture of individually-chiselled stone, the Rockface Collection of Clay Brick from Shaw Brick offers a distinctive, stately appearance appealing to sophisticated tastes.

With soft colouring and rugged, yet refined contours, the Rockface Collection imparts a tone of pure elegance. Each surface is unique to itself, creating a wonderful natural feel with notable light/shadow interplay.

Brick, made in Atlantic Canada

And, remember, Shaw Brick is made in Atlantic Canada, so buying our Shaw bricks supports the Canadian economy and our brothers and sisters in Canadian construction!

Available in

Brick Sizes

Length mm (in)

Width mm (in)

Height mm (in)

Metric Modular

190 (7.48)

90 (3.54)

57 (2.25)

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