Linear Smooth White


A smaller, elongated Concrete Block…
A newer addition to our Architectural Masonry Collection, Linear Smooth block has a long, contemporary, cut stone look with a smooth texture.  Linear Smooth is a durable, long-lasting concrete block building material that is sought after for both commercial and residential applications.

Made with stronger, greener Carbon Cure concrete…

This concrete block product is made using the Carbon Cure concrete process, a revolutionary process that involves collecting waste CO2 emissions from industrial plants, transporting the gas to our concrete plant, and injecting it into our wet concrete mix to make them stronger and greener concrete products.

Brick, made in Atlantic Canada

And, remember, Shaw Brick is made in Atlantic Canada, so buying our Shaw bricks supports the Canadian economy and our brothers and sisters in Canadian construction!

Unit Dimensions:
90W x 90H x 390L-mm (Solid)
Create Smooth End Corner
Create 45º Corners

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