3/4″ – 1-3/8″
Sawn to specific heights
2.25″, 5″, 7.75″
6″ – 18″
Light grey tones 
Random or Coursed Pattern


Applied to exterior elevations, Split Face F-Type Limestone creates a pleasing harmony across an entire home. Especially when used on half walls or on eaves, porch columns or porticoes. It can also be used to highlight features such as the front entrance way, feature windows and other architectural details.

Split Face F-Type Limestone is also effective for lending coherence to landscaping plans. With the recent interest among homeowners in developing outdoor living spaces as a way to add value and enjoyment to their residential property, it is perfect for use on patios and terrace features, applications could include outdoor kitchen grills and fireplaces. In the garden, use it to face low retaining walls around planting beds and heritage trees.

Indoors, Interior Designers can use natural stone veneers to add drama to transitional spaces such as foyers, hallways and landings, as well as for principle living areas. Surround a fireplace with Split Face F-Type Limestone, extending it to the ceiling and wall-to-wall for a feature wall that serves as focal point for entertaining and relaxing. Or use this product strategically in a powder room or on a shower surround in a primary bathroom to create a spa-like oasis.

Natural stone can be used in so many ways around the home, outdoors and in, adding organic beauty, character and real value to any style of architecture. 

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