1/2″ – 1-1/2″
1″ to 5″
6″ to 16″
Majority of stone will be charcoal-black, with various light grey, buff, and brown accents.


The Rundle Urban Ledge Stone is a unique stone palette featuring a mix of earth tones anchored by striking blacks, that come together to form a modern look perfect for a new home design or commercial building. Truly black stone is difficult to find, but Rundle boasts some of the deepest blacks we’ve come across. The warmer tones featured within the product act as highlights for the darker stones and draw the eyes toward this exceptional ledge stone.

When applied to the outside of a home, this robust stone product blends well with brown or beige paint patterns to bring about a feeling of comfort when it meets the eye. Use Rundle Urban Ledge Stone to add some color to a door frame or to cover a post. This stone is also an ideal candidate for a landscaping project that requires a natural look.

Within a home or building project, Rundle Urban Ledge is ideal for bringing the right blend of color and warmth to a hearth or to add a touch of class to a bathroom. In addition, this palette works well with metal or black features making it the right choice for designers looking to capture a current yet timeless feel.

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